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Yes we’ve made it to October – the winter coats have come out and the pumps have been swapped for boots.  Amongst all the sparkly early morning frost, the sun glinting off still puddles and the light breeze in your hair, did you know its only 73 days till Christmas?  Ahhhh!  But it’s ok, we will get there!  (just a bit sooner than we thought haha).

So let me tell you all about nursery – I’m not going to lie ladies, the first 4 sessions dropping Paige off at nursery were heart wrenching, full of tears, a lot of clinging on to and some not so gentle hysterically crying…Paige wasn’t quite as bad of course but she certainly wasn’t happy!   Dropping her off with veritable strangers (I say dropping, more like prizing her off me whilst I attempted to control the fight or flight instinct!) whilst she is staring at me with tears streaming down her little cheeks and a slightly wild expressing on her face …Phew, tough times!  Then by all accounts she played well and interacted with the other kids (after a slow and sometimes rocky start) but then after 45 mins I got a call saying she was inconsolable and time for me to pick her up.  Mind you it only took me 0.2 seconds to reach her from my vantage point on the wall outside where I had made camp with a decafe cuppa and a sausage roll from the garage opposite! 

Then the most strange (and I think wonderful?  I’m still deciding) thing happened, last week my little baby lasted a whole 2 hours, I made her Daddy drop her off since she is more clingy with me (she naturally screamed when she realised I wasn’t getting into the car!), she lasted a full 2 hours then I got a call because she was sleepy, but guess what, not in tears!  Which naturally made me cry immediately as I was so relieved that she wasn’t crying! I guess my message is – persevere because at some point that ‘click’ will happen.  Of course, this could be an anomaly and next week equally as harrowing but I have hope now.  How are your little ones getting on at nursery?  Or have they started big-school recently?  Tell us your stories!

Now the main reason we have begun nursery is so that Paige doesn’t feel displaced when the new baby arrives, we want her to have he own little piece of the world for her to conquer.  Funnily enough we felt the same about the puppies before Paige’s arrival – they are my babies too and under a year older than Paige.  For instance, I ended up buying 2 different feeding cushions so that Dobby could still fit on my lap when I had the baby, I only let people hold Paige (briefly!) so I could cuddle the pups.  It’s funny, babies change your whole world, but there are parts of it we must hold true to, ie, love all our babies equally and make sure they know it!

We are now 22 weeks pregnant, it’s the size of an egg plant apparently (or a fruit pie depending on which app I log in to!).  I say ‘it’ but, actually, ‘it’ turned out to be a ‘HE’!  One of each!  Whilst that means the best of both worlds, someone for daddy to play footie with whilst I take my little girl shopping will be wonderful.  But guess what, I saved ALL of Paige’s baby clothes and they ALL happen to be pink – more the fool me!  Which means we must start from scratch!  Have you ever browsed the isles of baby clothes and noticed that everything for baby boys either has a dinosaur motif or a truck motif?  Well they really do!  What if he doesn’t like dinosaurs or trucks?  (…what if I don’t?)  Well, that’s where Auntie Jess’s beautiful designs come in, ‘coz guess what – they can be anything we want them to be!  And why shouldn’t our babies wear clothes as unique and full of personality as they are?  No reason at all I say!  I guess that’s half the fun, helping our little one to put a stamp on things before they can do it themselves.  For me, im over the moon.  One very lucky mummy with a beautifully expanding family – much like my waistline – but very very happy about it! xx

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